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Certified Supplier Management Professional (CSMP)

The Certified Supplier Management Professional (CSMP) program is a 5-week program that focuses on contract administration, compliance, risk mitigation, performance, governance operating models, talent management support, transformation and more. This program enables companies to put effective governance programs in place.


Certification Program Details 

Course Length

5-week program with new lessons assigned weekly



Delivery Method

Choose between open-cohort, private-cohort or self-paced options

Content Overview

Contract administration, value realization, risk mitigation, compliance and continuous improvement

This Program Will Help You Understand

  • The significance of Governance, Risk and Compliance
  • The differences in strategy, values, and culture between the buying company and the supplier, and how these might impact the relationship
  • The various levels of supplier management governance, including corporate, business unit and contract level activities
  • How to select the appropriate governance program and key components for each relationship model

What Our Graduates Are Saying

"With all of my years of experience, learning, and thought leadership, the CSMP program really resonated for me and identified how much growth and potential there is within the sourcing industry and for sourcing leaders to improve and move the needle forward, both on an individual and corporate scale." CSMP Graduate from Moody's
"I thought the slides were all very informative and helpful. The study guides were especially helpful for refreshing the content in my mind before the quizzes. I felt like I was able to learn a lot of information during the allotted time." Certified Supplier Management Professional
"This program provided very practical advice and guidance on how to approach the tasks I deal with every day." Certified Supplier Management Professional

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