How Procurement Can Organize for Successful Innovation, Today and Tomorrow

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Collaboration is tied to positive outcomes for the enterprise. A systematic approach to procurement innovation requires enterprises to drive value through collaboration – internal and external. Additionally, enterprises must ensure that the procurement team’s objectives align with other functions and the overall organizational objectives. 

A GEP expert will define the types of innovation to focus their energies for the next five to 20 years and beyond. These are fundamental shifts that have maximum impact on your team. 

A look at best practices that enterprises may adopt for fostering successful procurement innovation in their respective organizations.

On the Agenda: 

  • Creating an innovation platform to attract ideas about new markets, opportunities, technologies, process improvements, products, and services from employees, customers, suppliers, partners, and various other teams across the enterprise to improve efficiency, cost optimization, and deliver value.
  • Building a tech-savvy team that is competent in relationship management and strategic oriented. 
  • Embrace ESG policies that add value to the business. It forces the organization to think and innovate to work around the ESG policy.